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Check how to fix hyperlinks in Excel not working

Microsoft Excel has been the most popular spreadsheet program in the world for over three decades. Unlike presentation software, Excel has features and tools for calculations and charts, which means you can use it to do anything from planning a family budget to tracking money. store inventory. In 2016, Microsoft stopped releasing discrete versions of Excel and started automatically updating programs through Windows Update. It is available as part of the Microsoft 365 subscription model.

In this Microsoft Excel review, we look at where Microsoft Excel stands in today’s market and whether it’s still the best spreadsheet for a small business. With Microsoft Excel, you enter and manage data in the form of numbers, text, and graphics in a grid format, just as you would with any spreadsheet. But Excel lets you process more data at once than competitors like Google Sheets. While Sheets can only handle about 5 million cells, in Excel it can handle 17 billion cells. Because Excel makes better use of your computer’s processing power, it’s also faster when working with large sets of data and performing complex calculations.

Another attraction of Excel is its long list of built-in functions. There are over 450 functions to manipulate and display data. As with macros, you can extend this functionality almost indefinitely by writing your own VBA code. Online spreadsheets lack this power and versatility. Excel also has great data visualization tools. With charts, conditional formatting, pivot tables, images, shapes, icons, maps, sparklines, and SmartArt, you can create a compelling representation of your data that accurately summarizes your calculations.

Why are my hyperlinks in Excel not working?

Not sure why hyperlinks in Excel are not working? Don’t worry, just check the causes listed below to get an answer to this question.

Spreadsheet file with renamed hyperlink

Excel can’t open the hyperlink when someone renamed the hyperlinked worksheets. Such a task of renaming the target worksheets will prevent your hyperlinks from working as expected.

Abrupt shutdown of file system or spreadsheets

Abrupt system shutdown with improperly closed spreadsheet file also affects spreadsheet hyperlinks and other data. In Excel, there is a built-in option to update hyperlinks each time the workbook is saved. So if these links are updated every time you save your workbook, the chances of the hyperlinks not working increases. Some other causes why Excel can’t open hyperlink issue are:

  • Usually due to large amount of data stored in the workbook
  • Due to execution of unintended functions in Excel
  • Excel Services does not support relative hyperlinks.

Here are some of the possible causes for the problem in Excel. This problem is not limited to a particular version of Excel. Many Excel 2010, 2007, 2013 and even Excel 2016 users are reporting the problem. So here is the working solution to get rid of it.

How to Fix Hyperlinks in Excel Not Working?

Recreate Excel Hyperlink

If you changed the name of the worksheet in which the hyperlinks are created; usually those intended for hyperlinks. In this case, Excel hyperlinks may not work. So to fix this issue you need to recreate the hyperlinks.


  • Try recreating the hyperlinks to point to the renamed worksheet.
  • Use the correct address presented on the current spreadsheet.

The whole process may be tedious, but it will help you to open Excel hyperlinks.

Uncheck Update links in record

Check if you performed any unintended function such as unexpected system shutdown without saving or closing the Excel file. Well, in Excel there is an inbuilt option available to update the hyperlinks when the workbook is saved every time.

And when the hyperlinks are updated with every save in the workbook, this hyperlink result in Excel does not work. So, to make Excel hyperlinks work, please follow the steps below.


I know you find the whole process tedious. But it is much better than the situation where you are completely restricted to open your Excel hyperlinks.

  • In Excel 2007: Press the Office button and click Excel Options.
  • In Excel 2010/2013: Go to the File tab, then in the menu that appears, press Options.
  • Now, in the opened Excel Options dialog box, in the left pane, click on the Advanced tab.
  • Scroll down until you get the general. Here you have to tap on the Web Options button. This will open the web options dialog.
  • In the opened web options window, go to the File tab and uncheck “Update links on save”
  • Press the OK button to exit the Web Options and Excel Options dialog box.

Hope this helps you get your hyperlinks working again, but if Excel hyperlinks still not working, the only option left is to use the automatic repair utility.

Repair Corrupt Excel Workbook

In most of the situations, it is seen that due to Excel workbook corruption, you cannot perform any task on it. Therefore, your Excel workbook may get corrupted and hence the hyperlink inserted in it may not work.

To make your Excel workbook accessible again, you need to repair it using a reliable repair tool like MS Excel Repair Tool. Easily repair corrupt, damaged files and errors in Excel files. This tool allows you to easily restore all corrupt Excel files including charts, worksheet property cell comments and other important data.

Final Words: How to Fix Hyperlinks in Excel Not Working

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