How important are backlinks for SEO and what is it 2022 Tip

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Check how important backlinks are for SEO and what are they

Getting backlinks is an essential part of your offsite SEO strategy. In fact, backlinks are the single most important offsite ranking factor. Backlinks are earned in three main ways.

Although backlinks are generally desirable, not all backlinks are as valuable as others. Some are inherently more advantageous to win, others should be avoided as much as possible. Understanding the factors that influence the value of backlinks is crucial to building links and assessing the health of your backlink profile.

Follow vs. No Follow Backlinks

Site owners can specify whether or not an individual link respects link fairness. A no-track link does not pass link equity, colloquially known as “link juice,” to the linking domain, unlike a tracked link. While tracked backlinks are much more desirable, untracked links from high-quality websites can still be beneficial for improving your brand. (Interestingly, local SEO strategy views do and do not track relevant, localized website links as equally valuable.)

Binding Domain Authority

Backlinks obtained by linking to high authority domains generally offer more value (link equity) than links from new, low quality or spammy websites. Whenever possible, backlinks from fraudulent websites should be avoided.

link relevance

Google knows if a backlink is irrelevant. If a gluten-free bakery in California links to your physical hiking gear store in Colorado, the backlink isn’t extremely relevant and probably won’t pass on as much link juice as the backlink received from the site. hiking.

link location

Website architecture is important to Google, as is the placement of a link on the page. For example, a backlink placed in the footer of a page may not convey as much value as a link added in a relevant paragraph of a blog post.

link number

A backlink listed among hundreds or thousands of links on a single page probably does not have the same value as a link listed among fewer. Beyond link equity, a user would have a hard time locating your link out of hundreds and clicking on your content, taking away the value.

anchor text

Anchor text is the visible characters or words that display a hyperlink in content, often underlined and in a unique color. In the sentence above, “anchor text” is the anchor text of an outbound link. Some anchor texts are considered SEO optimized and convey more equity than others. A short, relevant and non-generic text is preferable. For example, a link to this blog post with the anchor “importance of backlinks for SEO” is better than a link with the generic text “click here”.

Final words: how important are backlinks for SEO and what are they?

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