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If you want to ensure that your website is ranked as highly as possible, it is essential to ensure that search engines trust the content you provide to customers. One of the ways you can do this is to build links.

Of all the different elements of the search engine optimization (SEO) process, link building is considered one of the most difficult. In fact, one in five marketers say this is their least favorite part of SEO.

However, as a professional SEO services agency in London, link building has a wide range of benefits that can grow your business and improve your rankings in Google.

So how does link building help SEO?

Let’s take a look at 12 of the main benefits.

1. Link building helps SEO because it shows your website is trustworthy

Search engines like Google only want to show users the highest quality and trusted web results.

The more sites linked to yours, the more it shows that your content is reliable and trustworthy.

Take the BBC website for example. There are currently almost 657 million links to the BBC website, meaning it is widely regarded as a reliable source of information. This means that when you search for a news article, the BBC will likely be at the top of the search results.

2. Link building helps SEO because it means more clicks to your website

High quality backlinks mean your page is more likely to rank on the first page of Google.

This means that your site has more visibility in search engines, which generates more traffic.

3. Link building helps SEO because it adds context to your website pages

When most people think of link building, they think of links to other websites. However, a high-quality internal link building strategy can also help your website.

With internal linking, you link the pages of your website together. This not only makes your website easier to navigate, but also provides additional context for Google. Google uses internal linking not only to find new content on your website, but also to identify the relationship between certain pages.

4. Link Building Helps SEO As It Grows Your Brand

If you want to be a thought leader in your industry, link building can help you get there. Getting articles and content from high-quality, reputable websites is a great way to show that you have the expertise to help potential clients.

And the more customers trust your content, the more Google will too.

5. Link building helps SEO because it drives referral traffic to your website

Backlinks on other websites help drive traffic to your site, especially from customers who have never heard of your brand before. This means you see an increase in web visitors and an increase in conversions.

High-quality referral traffic can show search engines that your website is valuable, which helps rankings.

6. Link Building Helps SEO Because It Means You Create Better Content

While you can reach out to other websites and request a backlink, some websites will link to your content without needing a push from your marketing team.

It’s a great incentive to create well-researched and engaging blog posts, reports, infographics, and videos.

A solid content marketing strategy means more links, which means better SEO results.

7. Link Building Helps SEO Because It Improves Your Metrics

Good link building can not only increase visits to your website, but also increase other metrics. Backlinks can improve metrics like Domain Rating (DR), Domain Authority (DA), and Page Authority (PA).

While these metrics don’t directly affect SEO per se, they are highly correlated with higher rankings and traffic. Additionally, they can help open the door to new digital PR opportunities and relationships.

For example, some companies will only work with bloggers and influencers whose DA is above a certain amount.

8. Link building helps SEO by introducing your business to new markets

If you’re planning to launch your product or service in a new country or demographic, link building can help you get there.

By focusing your link building efforts on websites and directories in a new territory or niche, you can boost your SEO and launch your brand new campaign.

9. Link Building Helps SEO Because It Brings You New Sales

Affiliate link building is a special type of link building in which an influencer places a unique link to your site on their pages. If someone buys something from your website using the link, they get a share of the sale.

This type of link building is smart because it’s in the influencer’s best interest to promote the link to your site. This leads to more traffic, increased sales and rankings for you, and money for them.

10. Link building helps SEO because it improves your website at no cost/low cost

As long as other websites keep your link on their website, you can reap the benefits of link building for a very long time.

Although a link building campaign can take some time to implement, it can be a sustainable way to boost your SEO in the long run.

11. Link building helps SEO as it supports other websites with their SEO

So far in this article, we’ve covered how link building can help your website. But it can also help with SEO on other people’s websites.

Suppose website A links to a resource on website B. However, website B no longer exists and the link is broken.

Contacting Website A to let them know and suggest they link to a similar resource on your site is a win-win situation. You get a high quality backlink and they get rid of a broken link which could negatively affect their SEO.

12. Finally… Link building helps with SEO because it builds relationships with other websites

The final SEO benefit of link building is that it allows you to connect with other people in your industry. When you email or call another website owner to request a backlink, you begin to build relationships.

This can help build trust in your business and may even lead to additional backlink opportunities as website owners recommend you to other people.

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We hope this article answered the question “how does link building help SEO?” Taking the time to find high-quality websites to link to your content not only builds trust in your website, but also makes more people aware of your brand.

If you need a quality link building service, our team of experts can help. We will conduct SEO link building strategies on your behalf, increasing the chances of your business appearing on the first page of Google.

Want to learn more about how link building helps SEO?

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