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Backlinks: more or better?

The topic of link mass has been brought up more than once by marketers. The quality of link mass directly affects your site’s search engine rankings and if you want to succeed and grow in business, you need to take care of the quality of your backlinks and link mass in general. Optimizers pay close attention to the link building process because most of the success depends on it. Today, let’s break down what backlinks are and why their quality is important for SEO optimization.

What is the backlinking phenomenon?

Let’s start with the most significant. Remember that backlinks are the most important factor for site ranking and SEO analysis. Whether you are a startup or an experienced marketer, you should pay attention to backlinks first and constantly monitor quality. A few years ago, Google confirmed that for them, content and backlinks are two key factors that allow them to evaluate the resource and promote it more. By analyzing the mass of links, search engines build a ranking of the sites most often seen by users. These are basically links that direct users to your site from other relevant websites.

Another important point to pay attention to is that in link building, more does not mean better. A few years ago Google’s algorithm included as one of the key factors the presence of backlinks and their number. The more backlinks leading to a site, the more trustworthy it was. Now, everything has been turned upside down and the number no longer plays a role. You may have a billion links from low quality resources, but you won’t notice any increase in viewership and popularity. We recommend that you learn more abouthow to get high quality backlinks.

The importance of high quality backlinks

Despite the fact that the algorithms are constantly changed and modified, the quality of backlinks remains the top priority for SEO optimization. If in the early days of online marketing, the search engine only took into account the quantity of backlinks, without paying attention to their quality. However, today the situation seems to be exactly the opposite. It’s the quality that counts, not the quantity. Read it Blog find out more. Backlinks always play a vital role in the promotion and development of different resources. And all the studies that have been conducted on this topic show that in competitive niches (and these are almost all business niches) in the top positions appear sites that have better built backlinks from reputable sources.

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